Wedding Planning – Finding An Affordable Photographer: Unlike the other services provided by wedding planners or other wedding vendors hired for the event, finding a wedding photographer is a lot more tedious. This is because there are a lot of things you have to consider such as the photographers personal take on wedding photography,distinct styles, wedding pricing, personality and degree of skill.

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while other aspects like food and decorations can be tasted and tested, photography is one thing that gives no assurance in terms of quality in advance. The best you can do is to conduct research on the subject by talking to friends, blog posts and other types of media. This article will cover a few things to consider when starting your search.

Decide on a budget

Pricing is an important factor that will essentially govern most of your choices during wedding planning. Find out how much you can spend on photography and pick a package that is practical and affordable. It is important to note that although price can be negotiated, quality cannot. You may be able to negotiate a “Cheap” price. but you might be shocked after the wedding and find the “cheap” route turned out to be decision that you regret. Here are a few tips to help find the most affordable wedding photography package that captures images that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Getting to Know Your Photographer

While talking face to face can get you a lot of information ask if they have photographed weddings in all types of scenarios/venues such as Rustic Outdoor Farm Weddings, Indoor Church Weddings or Winter Themed Weddings. When I am meeting with a prospective client I do three things 1) I ask my clients to call my references to get an unbiased opinion on M.Charles Services that were provided 2) I refer them to my website to check out my latest work including Wedding, Senior Portraits or any other events I have recently photographed 3. Show my clients my most recent weddings in a form of something tangible such as wedding albums, canvas wraps and other portraits that were recently framed. Since M.Charles Photography specializes in both Wedding Photography and Seniors Portraits I always bring portfolios for both just so the clients can see my consistency in quality, composition and clarity. I am always honest with them and tell them I don’t shoot a lot of family or maternity photography and most likely refer them to some other local photographer.

In summary wedding photography is the art of capturing the true joy and love in the atmosphere at a wedding. When you choose photography professionals like M. Charles Photography in Decatur Illinois or some other great photographers in Central, Illinois you are investing in value oriented services that will leave you with wonderful memories documented in pictures.

If you have any questions or are starting your search feel free to contact me with any questions or comments

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