Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer-Decatur IL Photography-Tips to Finding the Best Affordable Photographer in Decatur-Bloomington-Springfield-Champaign

Finding the right wedding photographer that is both skilled and experienced enough to capture the essence of your wedding ceremony can be time consuming. It’s important to learn what separates an average photographer from a great photographer. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right local photographer.

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Lighting 101

On-camera flash is the default point-and-shoot selection for amateur photographers, but it not always sufficient enough for taking pictures for less than ideal weather conditions in Central Illinois. The more experience photographers will transition to using more creative forms of outside lighting techniques, or off-camera flash. If you are looking for more accurate representations of the mood or your personality, you will only get that through experienced photographers that can shoot with both natural light and more importantly artificial light . I like to manipulate light and use filters to avoid washed-out or dull pictures that leave out the details of fabrics, make-up or create harsh shadows. When your photographer has to do less thinking and planning during their setup, they will have more time to capture those first-looks of wedding arrivals. These types of shots stand the test of time. I like to call them the “money shots” because they capture the most genuine expressions and emotions. Being able to utilize natural light and off camera lighting is an important facet to capturing accurate photographs. Consistency is much harder for those who are limited to the use of only one light source or are only comfortable indoors or when outdoor conditions are ideal. With off-camera lighting, a professional photographer can avoid the overexposure that comes when the flash is usually mounted on the camera itself. When you take the lighting or flash or the camera and put it in different angles this adds depth, drama and often times accentuates the subject’s beauty lines and curves.

Reliability and Flexibility

Last, but certainly not least, no matter how much money in expensive photography equipment someone has, if they are not dependable and prompt with their service, it’s useless to a time-sensitive celebration like someone’s wedding day. A reliable photographer needs to be able to adapt to any situation, they need to be willing to show up a few minutes early to have all their equipment setup and the day’s itinerary memorized. When I shoot weddings in Central Illinois I try to have the M.Charles Photography’s images processed in 3 to 4 weeks. That’s not including any photo booth images or designer albums. Its helps to have at least two photography set ups. If I am shooting weddings indoors or outdoors I try to have both mobile off camera flash set up with wireless triggers and a stationary set-up for the group or family photos. I strive to be the most unique wedding photographer near you using various lighting techniques.

Post Production Work

When the wedding is all wrapped up, you need to be confident that your photos are being professional color corrected and edited by a local photographer that is well versed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom . This can be one of the most important things to consider when you choose your wedding photographer. This means you should be looking at post-production work and seeing a consistency among all pictures from each job in their portfolio. Typically, most photographers will select from a set number of photos to apply post-production editing to, so try to make sure you order a package that covers as many photos as you can, so that you can have more pictures to choose from when putting together your photo album. I will cover more in later articles that discusses vendors that will work your images or those who can do that themselves.
I hope this help you when you decide on who you want to capture your special day!

This wedding took place at Urbana Country Club in Urbana , IL

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Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer-Decatur IL Photography
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