Guide to Planning an Illinois Wedding

Today’s Modern Bride-A Simple Guide to Planning an Illinois Wedding

The Modern Bride looks for a moment captured through the lens of a Camera that put her in Heaven – the moment of lifetime! The stills that hold the true color, tone, shade, mood, expression and sometimes even let you remember the ‘smell’ of that moment are indeed priceless! And if those stills are of your Wedding Ceremony, they’re just the treasures to you. The angle of the shot, the joy, expression of the guests and the backdrop during your wedding procession, taking on the vow, exchanging rings or the kiss to your love are so worthy you like to cherish with your close ones in days to come.

Dress, makeover, hairdressing, jewelry, shoes and overall appearance are the top concerns of a modern day bride on the day of her wedding.
Wedding dresses could be confusing for plentiful options available. A-line, Ball gown, Mermaid, Sheath, Trumpet etc. are some of the names each of distinct fashionable look and style. Necklines and waistlines can also be of many different types. On choosing a dress that best suits the height, body-type and personality, jewelry and shoes are to be selected complying best the dress.
It’s quite understandable that on ‘that day’ a noticeable deviation from the look expected on the guests’ eyes or to the camera could turn to a dreadful nightmare and melancholy for a bride! So, it’s always better to try everything put on well ahead.

Modern Bride’s Checklist

You need to plan for your wedding day better no later than the day you fix your marriage date. A checklist, must be checked , updated and extended from time-to-time as the countdown goes on, is the best way to keep your confidence high. A sketchy one goes here:

*Budget preparation with provision for each item you plan to do
*Preparing guest-list
*Reservation of ceremony- and reception site
*Contacting different ceremonial Service providers and ask price for each
*Shopping or ordering bride’s gown
*Doing research for photographer, videographer, reception band or DJ, florist, decorator etc
*Doing research to select a wedding insurance policy
*Doing accommodations for out-of-town guests
*Order bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s dresses
*Mailing the invitations
*Apply for a marriage license to local bureau. Confirm appointment of the Minister for Wedding
*Start planning and budgeting honeymoon
*Purchase gifts for parents, attendants and for each other

Don’t forget the Engagement Photos

Quick Wedding Tips for Brides

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These are just a few things to consider when planning for your big day