Wedding Photography Styles In Illinois often vary and Its important part of capturing memories of the big day. Most couples take special care to choose the right photographers and get the best out of their wedding photography package. An essential part of wedding photography is themes. Deciding what type of photography theme you prefer should be on your list of priorities in terms of choosing a photographer. When you choose M.Charles Photography in Decatur, you can look forward to being introduced to several themes for your Illinois based wedding. Here are a few themes that you may find appealing-

Documentary or Reportage Wedding Photography

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This style isn’t new to photography as a whole, but it is relatively new in the sphere of wedding photography. Also known as the photo-journalistic style, this theme is all about capturing candid pictures. It is now an increasingly popular notion that posed pictures tend to look too pretentious. Therefore, a more carefree and candid image captures emotions better. This style is perfect to bring out the raw and spontaneous takes rather than the pictures that are posed for. Shots of guests at their tables, guests dancing or bridesmaids’ laughter which aren’t directed towards the camera are good examples of documentary themed photography.

Portraiture or Classic Wedding Photography

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This theme rings with resonance of the golden past. Portraiture style photography involves posed shots. Classic photographers rarely move away from tried and true photography techniques and angles. Think back to your parents wedding photos. If that is the kind of theme you like, choose classic wedding photography. In this style, wedding venues and guests figure in in a big way. For example, shots of the whole wedding crowd or a select group of guests. Therefore, hiring a Springfield, IL photographer who is familiar with the wedding venues in Illinois would be a good idea. This style will require the photographer to work on choreographing the shot and the participants in the shot to take certain directions from the photographer.

Edgy or Contemporary Wedding Photography

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Contemporary photography is in a way inspired by the fashion editorial style of photography. An edgy theme can be described as a photography theme that incorporated out of the box or unconventional camera techniques and ideas. It is a fresh take on traditional photography. For example, in the classic shot of the bride throwing the flower bouquet into the crowd, the focus could be on the bouquet itself rather than the crowd or the bride. A popular technique is the blurring of the main subject of the image while the focus lies somewhere on the foreground, closer to the camera. In a contemporary theme, the photographer plays with several lighting effects and unconventional camera angels. If you love the idea of your wedding photos standing out due to their unique features, edgy photography is for you.

Ask your photographer for more options and ideas for the selection of a perfect theme for your wedding. Several photographers offer a blend of different themes and styles to go with the atmosphere and themes of the weddings itself. If there is a particular style you love, focus on photographers who are known for their works and previous experiences with those themes. It is important that you discuss and agree upon a theme or a set of themes in advance so that there is no confusion on the day of the wedding. If you want to check out great rustic wedding reception venues take a look at ” 1912 Barn” in Niantic, IL

Wedding Quick Notes

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